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The Memorial of Waterloo 1815

The Memorial of Waterloo 1815 is a huge exhibition and documentation centre covering 1500 m², dedicated to the Battle of June 1815. It stands at the foot of the Lion's mound, to welcome visitors to this site of remembrance, emotion and action. Its aim is to help visitors to understand the Battle before, during and after the fighting.

This Memorial - unique in Europe - gives visitors an understanding of the political context of the times, the soldiers' lives and the military strategies put in place by the French and the Belle Alliance. Get ready to be physically immersed in the Battle that determined the fate of Europe!

The Memorial will thrill you with an unrivalled tourist experience thanks to its ultra-modern facilities like the giant 4D screen with a 180° angle of vision, animated maps, personally adaptable audioguides, and many other multimedia tools!

Although it is underground, the museum is accessible to visitors with reduced mobility.

Don't miss this sensational new opportunity to meet with History!

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 Memorial 1815


 The Memorial 1815